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Let’s talk technically creative.

As a business owner, you’re faced with a lot of marketing choices to boost your biz. There’s blogs and vlogs and Facebook and SpiceWorks—it’s enough to make your head swirl when there’s still orders to be filled and customers to be obtained. It seems like big corporations have ALL the money in the world to make a marketing splash.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, I think independent business owners have a leg up on those corporate folks. Because your business is easy to absorb new ideas and changes in order to grow.

What the tech?!

Whether you’re in the cybersecurity business or you’re offering tech products and services, your customers eyes tend to glaze over as soon as you start talkin’ tech. That’s why I created Louise Alan to serve business owners and startups by creating sound marketing strategies and tactical implementation to grow their business and help explain the tech stuff to non-tech brains.

Let me explain…

Add some flavah.
(Note, different than flavor.)

I have a way with words and a knack for strategy planning. I dumb down the technical speak and add flavah (it works) to your product line. From fresh email content to new ideas to rock a killer tradeshow booth, Louise Alan provides services for both digital and traditional platforms to boost your bottom line.







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