marketing got you stressed?

What if you could let someone else handle all of the marketing planning, creating and execution?

If you could let go of the tedious writing and management of your marketing accounts, you’d be able to:
  • Focus on running your business from the top, not in the trenches
  • Dedicate time to increasing sales
  • Build and maintain customer rapport
  • Expand your business reach to new markets
  • Relax with a pint of beer because your dedicated marketing consultant already has it under control
If you’ve been trying to keep up with posting to your social media accounts and blasting new emails to leads, plus making sure your website stays up-to-date, it can feel like the back of Aunt Sally’s caddy going down a very windy road that you so desperately want to get off of. (How’s that for painting a picture?)

Marketing doesn't have to be exhausting. You have to know what is weighing you down isn't yours to carry.

Schedule a time on my calendar so we can talk about what's weighing you down. I'll do the heavy lifting. (Did I mention I workout?) schedule now

As a dedicated marketing consultant, I take all of the qualitative tasks off of your plate, so you can turn them into quantitative sales. As a former marketing manager, I worked in several industries including advertising, human resources, higher education and information technology. When I moved to Southern California, I was reawakened to my calling – working one-on-one with clients who have heart.

And the clients who have the biggest heart? You. The business owner.

If you’re ready to get refocused and want someone else to take the marketing reigns for a change, I know we’ll be bonding over beers in no time!

I work one-on-one with clients on a variety of marketing needs. From email campaigns to social media management, I brainstorm unique ideas that bring customers new and existing to your table. You’ll begin to see more time is at your fingertips and capture new energy into areas of your business that you’ve been neglecting.

Wondering what industries I work with?



local businesses


cybersecurity resellers

Consulting Packages

Choose your monthly consulting option and let’s get refocused on your business!

Powerhouse Consulting

Who it’s for: Business owners who don’t have an in-house marketer and want to boost their sales with a dedicated marketing expert on board! I’ll create consistent marketing content so you can build a powerhouse business.
  • 40 hours per month of dedicated marketing and content creation
  • Email management: series of emails driving traffic to your website
  • Website updates, including graphic and content creation
  • Blog content creation
  • Social media content management
  • Weekly 30-minute touch base calls
  • All day on-site twice per month (San Diego clients only)
  • Once per month virtual strategy planning workshop (Out-of-town clients only)
  • By submitting payment, you agree to these terms.

Marketing Lift Consulting

Who it’s for: Business owners who need part-time marketing support. I’ll lift projects from the ground up and keep things moving on a consistent basis. From website content updates to managing your social media, I aim to drive traffic using multiple platforms.
  • 20 hours per month of dedicated marketing and content creation
  • Provide web copy as needed
  • Maintain social media presence
  • Create email copy as needed
  • Bi-weekly 30-minute touch base calls
  • By submitting payment, you agree to these terms.

Not sure what pricing package is right for you? If neither of these packages sound like the right fit, let’s create a custom package that fits your needs. Fill out the form below and let’s get in touch.

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